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June 17, 2015
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Our growth rate has been phenomenal since we started we're always looking at good I would even work for a company that wasn't growing on a day to day basis the inequalities that are now global logistics that I was most attracted to and actually encouraged me to pursue my career here was the fact that it was a special environment that I felt very comfortable in along with the sense of teamwork between all the departments major qualities in us all was our solutions that we're able to provide our customers it's enabling us to to pave the way for our industry our customer service has to be world-class every time we have a contact for the customer you have to be upset sometimes we're not the biggest time ago in the world we've the cheapest on the floor but one thing that we can do and we can do it do it just be the best at customer service that's what built this business this is my hope you our job is to serve our customers to the best of our ability making our team for the most valuable resource that we have we work in all with all different companies in all different industries so that really keeps a perspective fresh it really keeps things different day to day and that's really helpful I know there will suffice multiple avenues are not good for districts you don't necessarily have to have industry experience to join our team we're looking for people that have the passion to learn about survival and logistics and also gain that industry knowledge a bigger with our company there's no glass ceilings and a hot growth workshop new he can't have glass see we invest in our people we invest in training we invest in mentorship I remember when I first started in the logistics business I just wanted somebody to show me the work and I haven't forgot that to this day you